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"Do You Want Me To Give You A 7.6 Million Naira Crazy Cash Blueprint

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From The Desk of Olaide Alim,

Lagos Nigeria.

Dear Friend and Loyal Fan,

If you have ever dreamt of making  a Bank C.E.O salary LEGALLY without working as hard as one, then this is the BEST letter you'll ever read online.

Here's Why:

Over the past four years, my company has spent more than 3.4 Million Naira on finding the BEST online business that can make an AVERAGE Nigerian a consistent stream of income- and as a result, weíve made an amazing discovery that is consistently growing profits by 1,500% ...across more than 6 different business!

Hereís How It Works:

When you use spend sleepless Nights, bending over one bulky old looking laptop, and  invest over 3.4 Million Naira on finding the right legitimate business to do to make quick crazy cash in a very short period of time, the result will be MIND BLOWING boat load of cash Flying like Missiles into you bank account!





Did I get you attention with that?

I think i did not convince you enough, Okey

Watch Me Log In Live To One Of My Bank Account Where I Make Over N500,000 In A Single Day And More Than N600,000 Within 33 Hours From Information Marketing Business.

Click Below To Watch The Video proof.


If you are browsing with your  mobile phone. Click Here to download the video.

If you are still doubting about the proof, you can CLICK HERE to see different proof of earrings.

I'm pretty sure you will love to have that kind of money flowing into your bank account on a daily basis , Abi I Lie?

 "How A 26 Year Old KILLED Poverty With His Bare hands In Less Than 4 Years After Discovering  The Most Profitable Home Based Business  In The World Which Earns Him  a Minimum of N760,000 Every Month, Even if he is Sleeping!"

My name is Olaide Alim and 5 years ago I was broke who could hardly buy a sachet of pure water. yes i mean it.

In Summary:

I Was As Poor As A Church Rat!

5 Years ago I was living from hand to mouth, I was so broke I could not even afford  a 3 square meal and even if I do, believe me, it's Garri in the morning Eba in the afternoon and Eba in the Night!

I could remember Vividly that there was a Day i was sick-I had a chronic Malaria (believe me you don't want to have it, It's worse than Ebola!)

I was sick for over 3 weeks or so and almost lost my life. All because I was broke even my family member are also managing, So I have no rich uncle or aunty to assist me with my hospital bills...

This was when it dawned on me that I have to do something fast about my UGLY financial situation.

Of cause, I had no start-up capital, so I had to do so many menial jobs...I had to work as a as a waiter and other kind of ugly jobs like that... it wasn't fun at all I tell you. I vividly remember how I do squat with a friend of mine and drink Garri in a bucket.

But i still have believe that i will make it in life.
Due to the believe I have, i attended a seminar in 2010 on how people can make money legally from google adsense.

After the seminar, I was very happy that i have seen a reliable source of income not knowing that google adsense is not a profitable online business that someone can rely on.

"How Google Adsense

Made Me Dead Broke!"

I started earning money from google adsense online  in 2010,I made a lot of money from it and before I got to know that google adsense is not a PROFITABLE  internet business model. My adsense account got disabled and I had  about $15,000(USD) in it!
N2,475,000 when converted  to Nigeria currency

I Was Devastated!

I Was Frustrated!

I Was Confused!

I lost hope and I don't know what to do. Until I came across an advert on a business newspaper on how anyone can make a living from selling information online.

I thought it was a scam, because of my experience with adsense .

During this period I stumble across a business magazine, called "Success Digest" I'm sure you will know this popular wealth creation Newspaper, I realized they reveal so  many wealth creation information, I was so much in love with this newspaper to the extent that no matter how broke I was, I MUST get a copy of this paper in a week.

It was through this amazing newspaper I came across what is known as the best business in the world--Information Marketing (More About This Later!)

I went online and searched for how I can start-up an online business in Nigeria, I got scammed so many times by so many crooks.

I  wasted over N300,000 wobbling and fumbling online, and believe me I don't even want my ENEMY to pass through this stage.

Here's why, I was even POORER than when I started, normally, I was just about to quit, but I read about a story online so I changed my mind, but this time around, I became so desperate and hungry for success.

I combed the internet for questions on how to run this online business, i asked questions on facebook, Nairaland, twitter, warrior forum. One day, I met a man that changed my life.

After we had so many conversation he agreed to mentor me for an outrageous sum of money which I paid, I paid because I know that he knows his onions and he posts real life results and he does not make noise just like other FAKE gurus do.

So I asked him this question:

"What Your Recipe For Your Wild Fire Success?"

Here's The EXACT thing he told me:

"I only know of a certain proven system that makes you money all the time and will continue to work 100 years to come.

If you want to make money online, start a content rich website (like  a blog),  publish on it, never fail to build an email  list as you publish, always ask about  what their problems are, create info-products that solve your readers problem and sell it to them, and still keep publishing content, still keep  building your email list, and I tell  you will never worry about money"

As if that not enough he said...

"Always share useful and valuable  information your subscribers  will surely  benefit  for FREE,  do this for a while and  you will automatically be seen an authority in that sector"

what I did next was to adhere to his advice...

I registered a website, build an email list and share valuable contents with them and apply all the secret tactics he thought me. In a few months time I was in money!

At first I made N200,000, then after scaling up, my income become triple in less than 5 months, I became a Millionaire!

 Iím now my own boss, I do whatever  I want.

I learnt by Experience that inexperience is the first experience experienced before experience is experienced.

I have experience MASSIVE failure in google adsense because I didn't  know that google adsense was not  a solid  business model that one can rely on.

I had relied heavily  on google adsense as my primary source of income as at that time and at the end what did that repay me with?

They Disabled my Account and made me  lose interest in  every internet business I came across.

But ever since i model this selling of information product online.

Guess what happened?

"I'm Now a Big Boy in My Area!

I no longer rub shoulders  with poverty and I tell you, even if I had everything I possess today completely taking away from me ...

"I Will Get Everything Back In Less Than 2 Weeks!"

What's My Point?

I make  millions round the clock. It doesn't matter if I'm sleeping or
watching football. Money comes in all the time.

If you want to know more about me  just go to
and type in Olaide Alim.  At least google don't lie.

However, despite my astonishing  successes, I STILL have one problem oh!

 A very big one for that matter.
May be you can help me solve it.

Most  people do not trust me that I'm a clean business man.

 Some of my  family members, neighbours and even my in-laws to be. They all believe I'm into something illegal. A former neighbour even swore that I'm a thief and yahoo yahoo.

                                          I Don't Really Blame Them!

Let me tell you why:

I'm  the laziest and carefree people you'll  ever come across. I  sleep
very early and wake up late.

Yet I run a very profitable information and Internet marketing
business that make me a minimum of 1.2 Million Naira  every month.

When people see me playing around they can't understand how I make all the money that I use to ďEnjoy LifeĒ.

                         Doing Business Even While Shopping For A New Cloth!


                             That's Me and My Colleague Gbolagade Adetunji!

                     Posing With Sheyi & Patrick Ogidi Aka The Peculiar Netprenur!

                 Me And My Internet biz colleague who came to visit me from Canada


                                        Chilling at The Pool with my Girl!

At  The Airport Travelling.

They do not understand why I don't have a regular job like everyone else and that
anyone that makes that kind of money I make without a job or a ďphysicalĒ business
must be into something illegal.

You and I know that is not true. In this  information age, it's not a job or a brick and
mortar business that matters. It is information. The richest people today are not those with a 9-5 jobs or those selling big physical goods in the market.

Take a look at the list of the richest Americans, 75% of them are people whose
businesses are Internet related. I decided to tow this line and I've not had any regret till today.

Today, I have earned Millions of Naira in this business.

Take a look at some of my earnings in these pictures.


            "Now, let's Talk About You!"

See, your story might  just be  like mine.....

Maybe you want to finally quite your annoying 9 -5 job and stay home with your children so that they will be well trained to be a good citizen.

May be you are frustrated person who have tried all the possible way of making so much money online but still don't know how to go about it..

Maybe you are working for another man and  you you really donít want to quit right away  but you would love to earn  an EXTRA income...

How Ever You are, FINALLY I will show you...

"How To Make That Dream Come True!"

I Will Show You:

  • How to finally create the ultimate part-time business system that Makes you Quick Crazy Cash even while you are still working on your annoying job.

  • How to work for online 1 hours a day from anywhere in Naija,  making 3 times your current income even if you are watching an action film with your darling!

  • How to finally UNDERSTAND how making money online works and cut all the bullshit those silly guys that call themselves guru tell you and make real cold hard cash on a daily basis!

To Show You  That I'm Not Just Anybody, I must Tell You, I Am A Friend With So Many Top Internet Entrepreneurs in Nigeria, And Abroad. Here's What They Are Saying About Me

Here is What Pat Ogidi Say About Me

Mentors make your internet marketing journey easier!
...If you don't want to get your hands burnt and lose your money to all these hungry wolves parading themselves as gurus, then I suggest you listen to Olaide Alim.

He backs up what he teaches with action.
He works the talks and know his onions.
I recommend him and his works.

~ Pat Ogidi,
CEO; Netfame Marketing & Media, Lagos.
Ace Internet Marketer & Social Media Consultant.


      Here is What Ronald Ikenna Nzimora Say About Me

I Know A Good Deal When I See One
If you really want to make a lot of money
online, the the business model I recommend
you follow is "information marketing".
Unfortunately, for most people, they don't
know how to set it up right. Which is why 
when you have someone like Olaide Alim offer to do it for you, you should run fast and grab it.

I know a good deal when I see one and this is a GREAT deal.
You know why?
Because I charge =N=150,000 when I do this for clients.

So in essence when I see someone like Olaide offering the same thing for a =N=130,000 discount, I believe only a crazy person will  ignore it.

Don't be crazy. Grab this offer now and change your business story.

Ronald  Ikenna Nzimora
CEO; Profit Marketing Systems Limited


      Here is What Afolabi Segun  Say About Me

 The First Time I ever heard of Making 
Money online was 2010 when I saw in 
paper about This Amazing young entrepreneur Olaide Alim that became a millionaire at age 24.

His success Story motivated me to start mine when It comes to making real legitimate income online he's an expert not only in Nigeria but he's very expertise making money online across 
the globe. 

Copy him and success will be yours!

Afolabi Segun 
Ceo E-network Business Innovations


      Here is What Toyin Omotosho  Say About Me

 I hardly give recommendations when it comes to most Nigerian marketers because a large portion of them are just plain lazy and dishonest.

However...I can only recommend a few based on my personal experience with them and Olaide Alim is one of the few.

He is a honest, humble and hardworking person that you can always trust.

These are my thoughts about Olaide Alim and you can take them to the bank any day...anytime.

Toyin Omotoso


      Here is What Victory Say About Me

 Making real money online has never been this easy.

Now there's a shortcut that can save you time and money - as Olaide Alim precisely gives you the best and most powerful online business model.

Alim has cut all the fluff, and just left you the meat through this offer. 

If you are tired of all these hype-filled promoters selling overpriced 
online money making programs.

Then this Information Marketing Business Set Up Offer is the key to your Online Wealth. 

That's why I've deliberately given my recommendation on this Alim's Offer which don't easily come by.

Victory O. Akpomedaye
CEO, SupremeWEB Solutions Limited


      Here is What Simon Say About Me

 I highly recommend Olaide Alim when it comes to online business he is a trust worthy person.

Simon Uzoma


      Here is What Adetunji Say About Me

 Olaide Alim is one of Nigeria's top Internet Marketer. I have known him for almost 6 years and all i can say is, he's a superb internet money maker. If Olaide Alim can generate as much as N1,000,000 in a month doing internet biz, what do you call that? Amazing?! If you have any opportunity to learn from him, please do.

Gbolagade Adetunji
CEO: Silver platter solution.


      Here is What Dennis Isong Say About Me

 A bad attitude is like a flat tire
You can't go anywhere until you change it
Olaide is some one that has the right attitude that
is why he is making a lot progress .
what he does and teach is practical and on point.

If you still have a believe that what he is doing is not working, you can keep sitting on the fence and I wonder what you are doing on the internet But if you want change and you really need it badly.

Just locate the "Buy Button" and make
a decision that will change your life for ever.

Dennis Isong


Here is What Kakue Gbenegbara Say About Me

 Olaide Alim is one the greatest information and internet marketers that has a great understanding of the business.

He has made and still make millions from this business.

I recommend his products to whoever wants to change his or her financial status

Kakue  Gbenegbara
Trimas Business Concepts


      Here is What Tiny Jay Say About Me

 I am not from Nigeria...But I do follow Olaide Alim through emails and social media..

All what I can say about him is...He is one of the Top Internet marketer in Nigeria that know his onions.

Alim has helped my business more than I could have ever taught.

I recommend him to any one who want to make real and legit money on the internet.

Follow him and you are on your way to success

Tiny Jay

I say this With all humbleness: I have made so much money online from this unique internet business to the extent that I got recognized by "Success Digest" an Internationally Acclaimed wealth creation Newspaper, here's proof:

                 I Will Soon Buy A Range Rover 2014!

Dear Friend,

I must confess, my dream ride is A Range Rover!

Here's why:

It's the dream car of every guy.

Even Almost all Celebrities have it!

If they don't, then that Celebrity have not "Hammer"

It's So fresh and Posh.

The interior is Killing, Check it out...

How About The Speed?

SE and HSE models are powered by a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine that makes 340 horsepower and 332 lb-ft. of torque. The sprint from zero to 60 mph takes 6.9 seconds, and top speed is reached at 130 mph.

My Point?

That Ride is A BEAST!

I once went to Coscaris and it is sold for a Whooping 23 million Naira!

And guess what?

All the Range Rover I saw have already been SOLD!

Nigerians are rich I tell you!

And I will soon join the league of range rover users very soon, but Instead of buying one,  I decided to INVEST my money into this profitable online business and real estate.

Now it the time for you to be wealthy. Don't joke with this info for one day!

As if that's Not Enough, whenever I host a seminar, they are always sold out...

Please take note that I'm not saying and showing you all these to impress you.

                                    Far from it!

 I just want to prove to you that anyone can really succeed just by selling information products and doing business online.

If I can do it, I'm sure you can do it as well. I'm not special. I failed JAMB 3 times so I tell you, before I could enter the university I saw hell. Many of my friends still laugh at me for making basic grammatical errors, But in as much am making the money, who cares!

"If you're Ready to Become a Millionaire by the End of the Year, so You can put Your Enemies in shame and All Those Stupid People Who Have Been Laughing at You, Then I've Got Good News For You!

After so many pleadings and begging from well meaning Nigerians and experts alike, I have made up my mind to create JUST 10 sets of millionaires this year.

 The question now is are you going to be among them?


                   "Unique Business Setup"

"26 Years Old Ibadan Guy Have Finally Decided To Make 10 People Instant Millionaire By Helping Them Setup A Highly Profitable INFORMATION
MARKETING Business That Will Earn you Between N150,000 - N350,000 Monthly in 2014.  99% WORK DONE FOR YOU WHILE YOU WILL ONLY  DO JUST 1%

Just in case you don't grab what I mean, here's what I want to do for you:


I will HUNT for a Hot Selling , quick crazy cash Niche For you! I will fully research and search for information product that people will love to buy from you

I  will create a Hot selling product for you. The kind of product that  people will BEG you to take there money and even tell you "Thank You" for taking there money!

I will take the stress away from you and help you  register a domain Name for your Mini website i.e ( just as an example ok?

I will host this domain for a one Year .

I will create and design a small but mighty  Mini website to sell your product like crazy (Your picture, Name, Sales Copy , Your Sales Page  Your Bank account will be there ALL DONE FOR YOU!)

I will create a SOLID marketing sales funnel for you ( i.e: make a HIGHLY converting  Squeeze Page, extremely persuasive email messages, and show you all my insider money making secret that makes some guys think I'm doing Yahoo-Yahoo or something (which is wrong by the way) .

 I will write Your sales Copy. This kind that  will force Your readers to Pay for the product That I am going to create for you! This have been one of my secret weapon.

I will  take you by the hand and teach you  how To drive insane traffic to your website and get tons of visitors to your website daily , so you'll  will make truck load of profit for yourself.

I will  add you to my "Millionaire Mastermind Group"  which is a Special  online group where I will always update Latest cash sucking  tips,  Money Making tips, And newly discovered informative tutorial to boost your sales!  :)


I hosted a seminar on this info,  and I had made participants to pay a very huge amount of cash to attend the seminar, here's some of the pictures taken:

Take A Good Look at how Much The Crowd is...Over 500 People Are In Attendance!

                               Check Out The High Number of People Who Came..

When it Comes To Making Money Online, Am The Best Teacher In The field. Don't Listen To What Am Saying Here. Listen To What Some Of My Student Says About Me.



We Have Thousand Of Testimony But We Can't Put All Of Them Here Because Of Spaces. You Can CLICK HERE To See Undeniable Testimony From Some Of My Students.

My Point?

Fail To Grab This Offer Today, and You Will NEVER Come Across Such Again!

The Best Part:

"I WILL Deploy The UNIQUE Money Grabbing Skills I Have Acquired Over 4 Years Ago My Self Over And Set Up A Working Online Business For You in Less Than 5 Working Days!"

99 percent of the whole work will be done by me. You will only have to do just 1 percent.

Seriously, this will be the best investment youíll  make this year and Iím saying it without any doubt.

Get  this Ultimate Business setup, all your money problems will be be  over instantly!

Iím very sure you can wait to grab this Business setup offer, but wait, what am giving you is more than what you are paying for, you will think Iím going GAGAS :)

 Wow, Mr Olaide Ė Iím Interested in Getting  your Unique Business Setup, How Much Itís Going To Cost Me?

What do you expect to pay for such a  complete crazy cash  system like this?

N100,000? Hell No!


N60,000? No! No! No!

                                          Okay how about N50,000?
                                                  hummm so WRONG!

I think I will charge you N45,000?

Believe me, it will not be fair because we have student, house wives and working class people who might not afford this.

                            Argghhhh! I Think Iím Going Gagas!

                                    Okay OkayÖYou will have to pay N36,000!

Hell No! 

Ok let's get serious:

All you have to pay me for this ultimate business setup is a token of N15,000 Instead of N20,000 which is the normal price

And you will start raking in over 150k to N350,000 monthly income 

 Iím sure youíre aware that what youíre about to get is worth more than its price in GOLD, but I am ready to make everything available to you Today for One Low Payment of Just: N15,000 and I will help you setup a very profitable online business.

    N15,000 Is Even A Cheap Bargain!

This  special offer Ends By 2:05 Pm On Friday 5th September 2015

Trust me, I actually wanted to sell this package for the price of N50,000 but a friend of mine begged me on your behalf for me not to put that price tag, and  believe me, no internet marketer will do this kind of thing for you, because they will be exposing RARE business secret to you,  what most of them do is to  just do some ďMago-MagoĒ website for you, toss it to you  and then run away with all your money.

My Internet business setup ain't going to be  that and that is the more reason why this is the best investment for you....

You will only have to pay just N15,000 . The price of this information business set up will  goes up to N35,000 in the next few days. Reserve your slot now


           It's time To Join The Internet  MILLIONAIRES Club!

How To Reserve Your Slot Today:

WARNING - Please, follow the instructions below step by step to avoid delay in the confirmation of your payment .


STEP 1 - Deposit the sum of =N=15,000 only into any branch of First Bank Plc in Nigeria,GTB  OR Diamond Bank Pls.

 See bank account details below:

First Bank

Account Name: Success Max Innovations
Account Number:2023379718


Diamond Bank

Account Name: Success Max Innovations
Account Number:0037760442


Guaranty trust Bank.

Account Name: Olaide Alim

Account Number: 0029029603

STEP 2 - After making the payment, send the details of your payments to this email address -

Make sure the SUBJECT of the email says:


The details to be sent are:
1. Your Full Name
2. Your Email Address
3. Phone Number
4. Teller Number and the bank you paid to

5. YOUR FULL BANK DETAILS (Bank name(s), Account name and Account Number(s)) to be used when creating your website

6. Your Home or Office Address

7. Your Picture

8. The amount your pay.  and bank paid to.

9. The desire info product that you want me to setup for you.

I can set up any of the info product for you..All you need to do is to pick one out of the info product listed below.

1. Making money online info product.

2. Men Health Issue

3. How to travel abroad

4. How To Register A Business Name

5. How to make money from selling short report online.

6. How to design a mini website

That is all you have to do.

Once payment is made and all necessary details sent to me, I shall go ahead and create your website, write the sales letter, register the domain name, set up an auto responder and send the details on how to deliver the information product to your email address so that if any of your client pay to your bank Account, All you need to do is to send the info product to him or her via email .

I will give you my marketing guide that am using to send 1000s of hungry buyer to my info marketing website.

OPTION 2: ATM Card Payment 
(Your Have a Valid ATM Card From A Nigerian Bank For This To Work!)

Once your payment goes through, remember to click on "Continue to merchant website" to be automatically redirected to where you will fill in your information for the infobiz set up.

Now Let's Round This Up...

Now is the time for you to  become a millionaire too and join the likes of Akin Alabi who owns Naira Bet and some other young dudes out there.

Donít side down deep in worry, and  watch as others  continue to make BOATLOAD of cash money online. Remember I only have 20 slots and I only want to create 20 sets of new millionaires.

This insane  Offer Expires very soon, so Take advantage of it fast before I recovered from my madness! You had better  claim your share of the multi billion dollar information marketing sector which worth over N50 Billion Naira.

Itís really my desire to help you succeed online like Iíve done.

So better grab this offer right away because the  20 early bird slots will be taken up quickly, and I say this without any doubt in me.

Grab your slot today before itís too late.

You Wealth Tutor,
Olaide Alim
Have questions, call me directly on 08092208629
from 10am - 4pm, Mondays to Fridays 
Calls outside 10am - 4pm, Mondays to Fridays will not be answered)
Office Address: Success Max Innovations, 69 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Ikeja Lagos.

 PS: All I will say is to CLICK HERE to grab your own Unique Business Setup offer right away because before the end of this week you might not be so lucky to get a slot.